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Writing Advice from Kids

AdviceforWritersChildren who love to read often have very decided opinions as to how authors should write. I asked some primary school kids to tell writers how they should go about their craft, and used that research in my article published at Castelane today: Every Writer Should…

If you’re at all interested in writing, especially writing for children, or interested in what kids think – evil overlords and mutated humans, anyone? – I hope you’ll link through to read my guest post at Castelane. Take a look around while you’re there. Castelane is a brand new and affordable suite of marketing services for writers. I’m particularly impressed with their book trailers and book covers, in fact you can see an example of one of Kim’s book trailers here at my website.

Encouraging kids to think about what they read, and to share opinions about books, writing styles, and what makes a book great are so beneficial. As parents and teachers we sometimes forget to listen to our kids with the respect they deserve. By assuming our kids are both readers and writers, and treating them that way, we are contributing very powerfully to their future reading and writing success.

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