Websites that Help Make Learning Fun

When kids want screen time, parents can sneak a little learning into the fun by encouraging their children to explore websites that promote curiosity and prompt experimenting. Finding websites that match your child’s interests encourages them to read and learn more, and may even lead to a lasting hobby or later career.

Hover your mouse over each image to reveal the website name, and the “link” icon. Clicking the link icon takes you directly to that website.

  • Wonderopolis website
    Kids can ask questions they...
  • Coolmath website
    Many maths games and concepts...
  • Science Kids
    Science Kids
    A big range of projects,...
  • Chess Kid
    Chess Kid
    Provides a way for kids...
  • Exploratorium
    The Exploratorium isn't just a...
  • Dance Mat Typing
    Dance Mat Typing
    Kids who want to type...
  • Crayola
    Among other things, Crayola has...
  • National Geographic Kids
    National Geographic Kids
    So much to read about,...