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Free PDF, Using Comic Editors with Kids

Using Comic Editors with KidsI love what comics can do for kids. I’ve seen reluctant readers introduced to the joy of books by way of comics. I watched a teen develop an abiding interest in history via Larry Gonick’s Cartoon History of the Universe. I’ve seen hesitant writers become enthusiastic when their writing has a purpose – adding text by way of speech bubbles and captions to a comic. And I’ve seen school assignments brought to life when kids are encouraged to use a comic format to present information or demonstrate learning. While creating comics, children have opportunities to develop many creative and critical thinking skills – skills that are highly-prized by potential employers.

Discover ways of making comics online and activities to sneak lots of learning into the sheer fun of creating a comic in my new booklet, Using Comic Editors with Kids. It’s available on my Free PDFs and Resources Page under Creative Commons license – meaning that you can share it so long as you give attribution – a link to this website would be good! – don’t charge any money, and don’t change it in any way.

Download Using Comic Editors with Kids.


  1. What great ideas! Thanks for sharing them.


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