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Free PDF, The Book Chook Cook Book

The Book Chook Cook Book

The Book Chook Cook Book

Cooking with kids is another great way to involve them in activities that help promote literacy. They can read (or listen to you read) a recipe, search for important details, organise their thoughts, write lists of needed ingredients, follow instructions, absorb the format of a text type known as a procedure, and have the fun of working with Mum or Dad in the kitchen.

In The Book Chook Cook Book, you’ll find child-friendly recipes sent in by bloggers, writers and other literacy lovers. How about making some Fluffernutters with your kids, or Rolo Pretzel Turtles?

The Book Chook Cook Book is available on my Free PDFs and Resources Page under Creative Commons license – meaning that you can share it so long as you give attribution – a link to this website would be good! – don’t charge any money, and don’t change it in any way.

Download The Book Chook Cook Book.

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