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Storytime at the Library – Session 9

Storytime at the Library Session 9Read about Storytime at the Library Session 1, Session 2, Session 3, Session 4, Session 5,  Session 6,  Session 7, and Session 8.

Preparation for Session 9

Equipment: Story bag, instruments, Baby Beats, My Dinosaur Dad

What’s in the storybag? Several noise makers! We predict and explore their sounds.

Re-introduce Baby Beats. Share the story. Kids accompany with their “pretend” instruments. Put the rhythm into their hands, add their feet, add their heads. Make a conga line. Open hand means play; closed hand means stop playing.

Introduce My Dinosaur Dad. Predict from the cover and find the title. Does anyone know the letter D? Share the story. Read again and find the describing words. Stand up and act like a dinosaur if your dad is like the dinosaur dad.

Five Cheeky Monkeys requested so we did it again!

Who’s going to borrow books? What book did you read last week that you liked?

Evaluation: We are having such fun with Storytime! When I asked “What sound does dinosaur start with?”, one of the girls said, “Oh, I know, dinosaur starts with Raaah!” I spend a lot of time disciplining myself to act like a grown-up! The kids (who are 4 and under) particularly respond to books with strong rhythm, rhyme and play features like flaps and holes.

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