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Storytime at the Library – Session 5

Storytime at the Library Session 5Read about Storytime at the Library Session 1, Session 2, Session 3, Session 4.

Preparation for Session 5

Equipment: Crocodile puppet, books, story bag and my name tag

Game: Crocodile puppet in the story bag. Can we guess what it might be? Give clues. Peek at a little more each time.

Introduce books for today: Please Mr Crocodile (Lift the Flap), Wiggle, Jump, Stamp, Mr Croc (Pop-up with tabs), Chill.

Looking at book titles. How are the books same/different?

Share: Wiggle, Jump, Stamp, Mr Croc (Pop-up with tabs)

We do the actions on a second read-thorough.

Share: Please Mr Crocodile (Lift the Flap)

Game: We play a game of Please Mr Crocodile with colours of clothes as the necessary item to cross the river/mat.

Share: Chill by Carol Thompson. Discuss the story. We practise taking a deep breath, holding it, and letting it go slowly.

Look at books again. How were the books the same/different? Chill is for slightly older children and has much more story and substance. The first two are activity-based books I chose for the toddler.

Evaluation: Ten children came to Storytime today. They loved the flap books, and the toddler stayed engaged through those two. Chill was interesting as the kids all told me they never get angry or cross, but we practised deep breaths anyway!

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