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Storytime at the Library – Session 3

Storytime Session 3Read about Storytime at the Library, Session 1 and Session 2.

Preparation for Session 3

Owl finger puppet in the Story Bag – guessing game. Is it hard or soft, big or small? Could it be a snail, a giant, a rock?


Owl Babies – identify the characters. Have you ever lost your Mummy?

Hattie and the Fox – practise saying the animal parts

Little Owl – How is this story like another we have had?

Song: Little Owl (to the tune of This Old Man)

Little Owl, in the tree,
He is winking down at me.
With a wink, wink, wink, wink,
All through the night,
Little Owl is quite a sight!

Little Owl, in the tree,
He is hooting down at me.
With a hoot, hoot, hoot, hoot,
All through the night,
Little Owl is quite a sight!

Can we create some other verses?

Little Owl can wink. Little Owl can hoot. What else might little Owl do? Kids stand in their own space. When Simon Says wink, hoot, fly, flap, swoop, blink etc, the kids do that action.

If time, Chick’s Sick.

Evaluation: Session 3 of Storytime at the Library took place one week after National Simultaneous Storytime, which involved a very large group of preschool kids. As the first two weeks produced one younger child each week, I was hoping for more little people. Yay! A 100% increase! Two children and their mums arrived for this session. I seemed to do a lot of talking to try to prompt kids to respond, particularly because the little boy was quite shy. Will try to involve mums more to see if this helps kids to talk. Everyone seemed to enjoy the stories and guessing games. The other Storytime sessions for preschoolers is well-supported by staff and children, so maybe it’s just a case of waiting a while until the word gets around about this new Storytime.

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