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Storytime at the Library – Session 24

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Storytime at the Library – Session 24


Equipment: 3 books, foam blocks, storybag and Sookie

Share: Saving Muddled Up Farm by Mike Dumbleton and Jobi Murphy. Do you remember last time when Sookie the puppet got mixed up with the noises animals make in Old MacDonald? Here’s a farm where the animals are very muddled!

Song: We sing One Two Three Four Five, Once I Caught a Fish Alive.

Game: Clumps. We make groups of certain numbers. I call out the number and we make it with our bodies in a group, then our fingers in a group, then with some foam blocks on the floor. Parents join in.

Share: Hug Machine by Scott Campbell. We share gentle hugs with someone else. What is good about a hug?

Evaluation: The kids adored Hug Machine and so did parents and staff! Must revisit in 2015. Clumps worked well because parents participated too.

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