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Storytime at the Library – Session 2

Storytime Session 2

As I told you, I’ve started Storytime at the Library. Recently, I prepared for my second Storytime at the Library session. I’m sharing it below in case it might be of help to someone else.

Until the parents mostly know me, I’ll continue to introduce myself before we start, and give some background, also wearing a name tag.

Preparation for Session 2:

Equipment: books, castanet, puppets, bird, story bag

First of all, I’ll show the kids the story bag and ask them if they can guess what’s inside. I’ll ask some questions that might help narrow it down. Someone will open the bag at last to reveal a pink bird.

I’ll tell the kids there’s someone shy behind my back who doesn’t want to come out. They’ll guess what or who it might be. The bird puppet will make a noise, and I’ll ask the kids to softly call it out.

Two birds. How are they the same? How are they different? Today we have some stories about birds. I wonder if we’ll see birds like this in our stories?

First book: Shh! We have a plan by Chris Haughton. My review at The Book Chook will be published July 9.

Activity: Using words from the story, act out creeping up and capturing something that DISAPPEARS then and there.

Second book: Birdsong by Ellie Sandall. My review at The Book Chook.

Activity: See if we can remember and imitate each bird’s noise.

Third book: Charlie the Chicken by Nick Denchfield and Ant Parker. A Macmillan pop-up from 1997, borrowed from the library.

Activity: Pretending to be a chicken like Charlie. Discuss: what would they call a chicken if they had one? Try the story again but make it a different animal, with different body parts.

If time, re-visit Chooky-doodle-doo from Week 1.

Evaluation of Session 2:

Again there was only one participant, another delightful little girl. I modified the activities for one, and we had lots of fun with the puppets and books.


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