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Storytime at the Library – Session 19

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Storytime at the Library – Session 19


Equipment: 3 books, story bag, book in bag, CD player

We guess what’s in the story bag. (the book, Counting Aussie Animals in my backyard)

Share: Counting Aussie Animals in my backyard by Bronwyn Houston. We look at the book and discuss the pictures as we read and count. Kids practise one-to-one correspondence and counting.

Game: I open the book at random pages, kids call out the number and then have to find that same number by putting their hand on the lily pad.

Big Book: Round and Round the Mulberry Bush We go on a picture walk through 2 more pages from Round and Round the Mulberry Bush, discuss the pictures and do the actions.

Share: Juicy Juicy Green Grass song by Peter Combe, with book to accompany.

We listen the first time, then read/sing the song again.

Evaluation: The girls begged to dance to the music and we all joined in. Certain library patrons seemed to be stunned by my moves! Really enjoying that this generation of kids gets to appreciate Peter Combe’s lively songs for kids. Thank you Peter and Scholastic.

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