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Storytime at the Library – Session 17

Storytime Session 17Link through to earlier versions of Storytime via the search box top right, using the tag, “Storytime”. Or check out my Pinterest board devoted to Storytime at the Library.

Storytime Session 17


There has been a two week break for the school holidays. Ask the kids to share any great books they read in the break. Or other exciting news!

Equipment: story bag, mouse puppet, 3 books

We guess what animal might be in the story bag today. There’s a mouse in the first story too.

Book 1: Who Sank the Boat. We look at front cover and predict what the story might be about. Remind the kids about Mr Gumpy’s Outing, another story about a boat. We read the book which has lots of questions about who sank the boat for kids to answer as we go. We act out the story as we re-read it.

We sing Old MacDonald Had a Farm, using the animals from the story.

Book 2: Bring on the Birds by Susan Stockdale. We read it and talk about birds we know. What do all birds have in common? All have feathers, and are hatched from eggs. Game: is a cow a bird? Is a mouse a bird? Is a penguin a bird? Is an elephant a bird? Is an emu a bird? Flap your wings and fly if I say a bird’s name.

Book 3: We read some pages from the big book,  Round and Round the Mulberry Bush, discuss the pictures and do the actions.

Evaluation: Lots of new children today, including babies and toddlers. It’s tricky adapting things the four-year-olds like for the babies, but I’m hoping just the experience of being there will be good for the bubs. I found a CD player I can use for sharing a newly arrived picture book we can sing along with!

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