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Storytime at the Library – Session 16

Storytime at the Library - Session 16Link through to earlier versions of Storytime via the search box top right, using the tag, “Storytime“. Or check out my Pinterest board devoted to Storytime at the Library.

Storytime Session 16

Dinosaur Week

Preparation for Storytime Session 16:

Equipment: Books: The Three Triceratops Tuff, Gigantosaurus and I’m a Dirty Dinosaur. Dinosaur friends were invited to join us last week. Letter from the dinosaurs printed out.

Storybag: dinosaur letter (clues: something that you might find in your letter box or post box, something that comes in an envelope.) I read the children the letter (see image below.)

(Someone wrote to me complaining about story time. It was the dinosaurs. They didn’t think it was fair that the teddy bears had special stories at the library just for them. So, today we have special stories about dinosaurs, and some dinosaur visitors.)

Share: Gigantosaurus This is a very scary story! It’s about a very, very, scary …Gigantosaurus! If you get really frightened, just close your eyes.

The kids join in the action parts. Was anyone scared?

Share: The Three Triceratops Tuff Another story, this time about a very scary dinosaur called a T.Rex. And three triceratops brothers called Tuff. We act out a little of the story with me, then a child, asking, who’s that clip-clomping through my valley?

Re-share: I’m a Dirty Dinosaur A loved favourite, re-visited just for fun. And because memorisation is really important for pre-reading!

Kids browse books with a dinosaur theme and borrow the ones they like.

Letter from the dinosaurs


One little fellow really came to life in this session. He LOVES learning about dinosaurs and other animals and seems to me to already prefer non-fiction books. Even though the three books were fiction, he focused on the books, and loved joining in a discussion about dinosaurs. Book browsing again resulted in children each choosing several books to borrow. One new mother is going to get a library card and bring her baby to Storytime another day.

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