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Storytime at the Library – Session 15

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Preparation for Storytime

Equipment: story bag, pig puppet, books.

Pig and puppet both start with P. Can we find P on the mat? What words do we know that start with P?

Share: There’s a pig in our first story, Mr Gumpy’s Outing. When you come to that part of the story about the pig, can you make a pig noise?

After sharing the story, we try to recall the movement words and make a list – hop, chase, bleat, flap, trample, kick, fall. We sing a song and do some of the actions.

(to the tune of: Mary had a little lamb)

Will you be a friend of mine,
Friend of mine, friend of mine?
Will you be a friend of mine
and (hop/chase/flap etc) around with me?

Share: for Baby H – Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes by Mem Fox and Helen Oxenbury. Counting to 10. Counting all the babies at Storytime.

Share: I Spy Pets – we guess the animals. Discussion about everyone’s pets.

We retell Mr Gumpy’s Outing by acting it out, with the story mat as the boat.

Evaluation: Some new kids at Storytime today, including some babies! Lots of fun and animal noises. Repeat the song another time.

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