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Storytime at the Library – Session 11

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Preparation for Storytime Session 11


What’s in the story bag? Goose puppet. Our story is about a baby goose. The special name for a baby goose is a gosling. Find letter G on the story mat. What sound(s) does G make?

Share: Big Book, Baby Goz (a lift the flap book) by Steve Wetherill. The kids LOVE lift the flap books, and love to each take a turn to lift the flap. Discuss: what’s your favourite baby animal? If you were a baby animal, which one would you be? Do the children know any other special words for baby animals?

Share: Piglet and Papa by Margaret Wild and Stephen Michael King.

Revisit: I’m a Dirty Dinosaur, with more performance. Try some more chorus with mums establishing a beat behind. Play with some of the words to create a chant of our own.

Evaluation: It was one little girl’s birthday so we sang the birthday song. She brought some of her toys to show the others and it was VERY hard for them to concentrate on the stories when they were hyper-aware of the toys. I accepted it today, but think I need to draw a line between story time and toy time next week. I’m a Dirty Dinosaur was great to repeat as it gave them an outlet for some of their pent up energy. Piglet and Papa was very cute but no competition for toys. Re-visit both it and Baby Goz at a later time.


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