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Welcome to my first blog post here at my newly renovated website. Many thanks to the wonderful Liz Griffiths who not only built the website but patiently taught a Blogger-user how to deal with WordPress. If you need an online media helper or website fairy godmother, see Liz!

So what can you expect to find here at This website explains a little about who I am, with details about my published writing. It’s an online space where parents, teachers and librarians can access my free PDFs and other resources. You’ll eventually find many pages here devoted to my passions: encouraging kids to read, write, and create. And you’ll find the Fun with Learning blog.

I already blog three days a week at The Book Chook. So how will the Fun with Learning blog be different? I write a variety of articles at The Book Chook about children’s literature, literacy and learning. That’s a fairly broad focus, because there’s so much I’m interested in!  Blog posts here will concentrate on articles about encouraging kids to read, write and create. I’ll also introduce the educational resources I have made/will make, and collections of resources under specific headings. Expect to find practical tips for helping young readers and writers, and descriptions of the free PDFs I’ve edited/created that help kids learn and have fun with it. The Fun with Learning blog will also be a place where I’ll introduce groups of my favourite apps and resources for encouraging kids to read, write and create. For book reviews, and a hen-house full of information related to children’s education, you’re better off at The Book Chook.

So, if you don’t have time to read The Book Chook blog three days a week, but would like to keep up with the occasional new materials, literacy-related articles and special collections of resources I will publish here, why not follow Fun with Learning via RSS or email, so you won’t miss a thing! You can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook, ScoopIt, LinkedIn and Pinterest via the icons top right.

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