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Hanging with the Big Kids

Hanging with the Big KidsBlog posts here at Fun with Learning have been scarce lately. One of the many things that’s been occupying me is negotiating with Scholastic Parents to become a blogger on their Scholastic Parents blogs, Learning Tooolkit and Raise a Reader. I look on this as a tremendous honour, partly because I’m the first Australian to be invited, but also because it means I get to hang with the Big Kids.

Just who are these Big Kids? They’re bloggers already writing for the Scholastic Parents blog. Some are writers for whom I already have tremendous respect – for example Alison McDonald from No Time for Flash Cards, Amy Mascott from teachmama, Amy Kraft from Media Macaroni and GeekMom. Others are bloggers new to me that I’m looking forward to getting to know – from what I’ve seen, their articles are conversational, honest and really useful to parents and teachers.

I’m impressed with what Scholastic Parents: The Learning Toolkit offers parents. There are short tips for time-starved folks (like Top 5 Teacher Tips for Parents to Jump-Start the Best First Day of School) and an intriguing mix of longer articles like this one that includes video: Make It: Newspaper Chair How-To.

Here’s a description of the Learning Toolkit: “Scholastic Parents is a trusted source of expert advice on reading and learning. In the Learning Toolkit blog, get quick and easy tips on how to support your child’s learning at home. From playing a fun game of creating new words during dinner to solving bedtime math stories and using easy tricks to try with homework problems, this blog offers simple suggestions for supporting your child’s development at every age and every stage.”

Teachers will find great ideas here too. The newspaper chair project mentioned above would make an excellent inclusion in a Maker Activity Session. Kids will also love to learn cyphers in Writing Secret Messages Using Ciphers by Kevin Goodwin. You can filter according to children’s ages and topics, find printables, sign up for a newsletter or just browse for a few hours!

While the Learning Toolkit is more general, the Scholastic Parents: Raise a Reader blog targets reading. “Find reading help for kids of all ages, including reading strategies, tips for developing reading skills at home, book recommendations, reading activities, and more great ways to support reading for kids.” You’ll find some advertising for Scholastic products on website pages (this is a major publisher after all!) but the ads are not overwhelming or intrusive.

In all my dealings with Scholastic so far, I’ve been impressed by the fact that the people who work for the company are just as passionate about children’s literacy and learning as I am, and as you are. Have you heard about Scholastic’s Global Literacy Campaign? Read Every Day: Lead a Better Life is such a great motto. You can find out more, including download some wonderful PDF reading posters, at the website.

I hope you’ll join me as I hang with the Big Kids. I know I plan to learn lots from the Learning Toolkit and Raise a Reader blogs. And through Scholastic, I look forward to reaching out to a wider audience – to share lots and lots of learning fun.

Update: Here’s my first post for Scholastic Parents: Can Parents Help Kids’ Dreams Come True?



  1. This is very cool, Susan. I’ve been impressed with the things Scholastic has been doing, too. And I think you’ll be a great fit there! Congratulations!

  2. Kim McDougall says:

    So proud of you! Well deserved. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

    • Susan Stephenson says:

      Thanks Kim! There is so much great quality stuff on the website already, but I’m hoping I can add to it.


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