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Scholastic Learning Toolkit PostsAs I told you in Hanging with the Big Kids, I’ve been writing for the Scholastic Parents Learning Toolkit. I thought it might be useful for readers to link to my articles there so far. By browsing below, I hope you’ll find ideas to help you augment your own parenting toolkit.

Can Parents Help Kids’ Dreams Come True? by Susan Stephenson
So what can parents do to help? The number one thing is to read to our kids, right from when they’re babies.

Helping Kids to Write by Susan Stephenson
It doesn’t matter when we fit reading and writing into each day, so long as we do.

Websites to Plunder by Susan Stephenson
There are lots of websites we can add to our parenting toolkit to help our children love to read.

Holiday Fun With Learning by Susan Stephenson
Here are some ideas to make the holiday season even more special for you and your kids.

Hunting for Words by Susan Stephenson
By encouraging our children to play and have fun with words, we’re helping them develop both reading and writing skills.

Let’s Make Wide Reading Part of Family Life by Susan Stephenson
Helping our kids love to read and read widely gives them the very best start in life.

Celebrating International Book Giving Day by Susan Stephenson
Books or chocolate? Tough choice some would say, but not if we think of it like this: Candy is gone in a bite, but the gift of reading lasts a lifetime

Games That Support Literacy by Susan Stephenson
Get to know these games that help your children develop and practice literacy skills.

Writing Fun for Kids by Susan Stephenson
Linking writing to reading we’ve shared with our children is a wonderful way to extend the literature experience.

Tools to Help Kids Create an Avatar by Susan Stephenson
By introducing kids to such projects as making an avatar, we get to discuss issues of cyber safety in a natural and creative way.

Resources to Help Kids Learn About the Alphabet by Susan Stephenson
The best way to help kids learn the alphabet is, in my opinion, via fun and games. Here are some resources you might like for your youngsters.

Storytelling with Children by Susan Stephenson
Oral storytelling itself is a great way to improve children’s oral fluency and help them understand concepts that underpin literacy and literature.


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