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Free PDFs: Book Response Templates


Responding to literature is an activity children will be asked to do throughout their school lives. One way to do this is to write a book review, and I have suggestions for kids who want to do that at The Book Chook.

Today I want to share another kind of book response for kids, this time in the form of three different PDF templates I’ve created. They are available for free to parents, teachers and librarians who want to use them with kids.


The first PDF template is in colour, as you can see in the image just above, and has a cute little puppet asking kids guiding questions about their book inside comic-type panels. They can choose to use text or drawing to respond, or use a combination of both. You can download Book Response 1.


The second PDF template is similar, but in black and white. Again, kids can choose to use text or drawing to respond, or use a combination of both. Because it’s black and white, stylistic decisions are completely up to them. You can download Book Response 2 here.


The third PDF template is in colour. It is landscape rather than portrait, again uses comic-type panels with kids responding in drawings/text as desired. There is more emphasis on making connections to text in this template. You can download Book Response 3 here.

Check out all my free PDFs on this page.





  1. Lucid and concise tools when competing for time with formal tasks. I can see a planning use for these if one has a LMS with an OPAC function where the student can record an audio review for each book, for those that follow.

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