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Free PDF, Secret Codes for Kids

Secret Codes for KidsIn conjunction with my article at The Book Chook, Secret Codes and Language Games for Kids, I’ve created a four-page activity book: Secret Codes for Kids. Inside you’ll find explanations and invitations for kids to practise writing in code.

If you are a parent, teacher or librarian who would like to use this booklet with primary-aged children, you can download my free PDF by clicking here, my Free PDF’s and Resources page, and scrolling down.


  1. Sue Warren says:

    Haven’t done any codes for ages – what a great post to remind us of some fun and engaging activities to work on language and brain power! :-))

    • Susan Stephenson says:

      It really does take some brain power, Sue, you’re right. I tried speaking pig latin the other day and sadly realised my fluency flew!

  2. I’m eager to try the thinking aspect of using codes with my ESL students. It’s easy to forget reading in any language is about figuring out the code represented by the symbols employed.
    Thanks for the opportunity for me to learn and grow in a new area

    • Susan Stephenson says:

      That’s a great reminder to me, Suzanne – about reading at a basic level being decoding. I hope your students have fun with codes!

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