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Free PDF Poster for Book Week 2017

Children's Book Week Poster imageHere’s a poster I made to remind people that Children’s Book Week 2017 is coming soon! If you’re a parent, teacher or librarian who’d like to grab a copy and print it, you’re welcome to download it here: Book Week Poster Escape.

You might also be interested in other things I’ve created for Children’s Book Week 2017. In Ideas for Children’s Book Week 2017, you’ll find whole class projects, discussion topics and learning resources that teachers and others might find useful when exploring the Children’s Book Week 2017 theme, Escape to Everywhere, with kids.

In Activities for Children’s Book Week 2017 there are lots of prompts and suggestions for activities that could provide a spark for children and help them engage with books, learn, create, think, and have fun during Children’s Book Week 2017 in Australia.

Check out all the other free PDFs on my website here.




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