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Free PDF, Literacy in the Playground

Literacy in the Playground

Literacy in the Playground

Do you remember the skipping games you played as a child? I guarantee you can recall some of the rhymes you shouted when you played them too! Rhymes and chants that kids use in many games are great for developing literacy skills.

In my booklet, Literacy in the Playground, you’ll find lots of games to teach your kids. They’ll have fun with them, but unconsciously be improving their reading, writing, talking and listening ability too. This free PDF is available on my Free PDFs and Resources Page under Creative Commons license, meaning that you can share it so long as you give attribution – a link to this website would be good! – don’t charge any money, and don’t change it in any way.

Expect to find clapping games and how to do them, skipping games, singing games and links to more great resources. Next time your kids say they have nothing to do, print and share Literacy in the Playground with them!

Download Literacy in the Playground.



  1. Thanks for this resource. I want to share this with my school and specifically the gym teacher! 🙂

  2. This is a brilliant resource Susan! Thanks so much for sharing!

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