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Free PDF for Children’s Book Week 2014, Mystery Titles

Mystery Titles CoverIn conjunction with my post at The Book Chook, Activities for Children’s Book Week 2014, I want to share the first of several PDFs I’ve made: Mystery Titles. You might also be interested in Last Minute Ideas for Children’s Book Week 2014.

In Mystery Titles, I’ve given clues to Australian short-listed books, most from 2014, but a couple of titles from 2013 to be extra fiendish! It’s in black and white for ease of printing on one A4 size sheet. The clues will hopefully have students researching more about children’s books in general, and the short-listed titles for Book of the Year in particular. I’ve also thrown in some challenging vocabulary for super sleuths – if they finish fast, why not ask them to create their own clues for the titles I didn’t use.

Just in case I’ve been too tricky, here are the answers. Hopefully, kids won’t find their way here!

Mystery Titles:
1. Song for a Scarlet Runner
2. Meet Captain Cook
3. Kissed by the Moon
4. Pennies for Hitler (2013)
5. King Pig
6. The Ink Bridge (2013)
7. The Windy Farm
8. Too Many Elephants in this House (2013)
9. Parachute
10. Welcome to my Country

You can download this PDF by clicking: MysteryTitles.


  1. sandra rich says:

    can you give me an idea/s of what my child could go as for book week 2014 – connect to reading

    • Susan Stephenson says:

      Sandra, I’m guessing you’re trying to think of some kind of costume your child can wear for Book Week. Suggestions: you and your child discuss what connect to reading means, and jot down any ideas that occur. Take a look together at the shortlisted books and see if those books suggest anything, preferable something you can work with at home. Broaden the same idea and think of any character from a book your child can/would like to dress up as, AND that you both think you have the materials at home to create with. Or, forget book characters and focus on how we connect to reading – can your child create a hat that suggests connecting to reading, perhaps by creating headphones from scrap materials and wearing a sandwich board with illustrations showing connections? If you google “book week costumes”, something might suggest an idea to you both. Just don’t let your child get too worried about the glossy look of costumes that are for sale – zero learning or fun in buying something!

      Book Week Parades are such a great time to work WITH our kids on creating something together. Our children learn heaps from sharing the creative process with us. It need not take much money – you can go to an op shop and see if something “calls” you, or buy an old hat and work out how to decorate it. If your child loves dinosaurs for instance, he might choose a special tshirt and decorate an old hat with sewn on plastic dinosaurs, or you could work on creating a muddy costume together out of his oldest clothes – what fun! (I’m a Dirty Dinosaur is one of the shortlisted books.)


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