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Free PDF for Children’s Book Week 2014, Connect to Reading

Connect to Reading

In conjunction with my post at The Book Chook, Activities for Children’s Book Week 2014, I want to share the third of several PDFs I’ve made: Connect to Reading. The first was Mystery Titles and the second was Name that Book.

This year’s theme for Children’s Book Week in Australia is: Connect to Reading. I love the way it emphasises the way we all want kids to both get connected to reading, and also to find connections in reading. By making connections to their own experiences or to real life, it helps our children and students engage more deeply with texts and understand them better.

My free PDF, Connect to Reading, uses a cartoon format to nudge kids toward thinking about the connections they make to texts: connections from text to text, text to self, text to the world and text to other media. I’ve popped in some frames I created to scaffold the thinking and writing for kids, then provided lots of blank frames so teachers, librarians, kids and parents can customise the PDF to suit their own purposes. I envisage the blank frames will be used by kids to illustrate connections they’ve made to texts throughout their lives, and will help them focus on what connect to reading really means for them.

You can download this PDF by clicking : Connect to Reading

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