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Find and Count PDFs, Christmas 2015


With Christmas fast approaching, those who work with kids often need to look for some kind of puzzle or colouring page that will keep children occupied for a few moments. If the activity can also help kids practise learning something, or visually discriminating, then great! Today I want to offer two PDFs I’ve made to those who work with kids: parents, teachers and librarians. There are little Christmas-themed items hidden in the two PDFs that kids need to count and record. Click on HowMany and/or HowMany2 to download to your computer.

The puzzles might be useful to print out for a long car trip, or a “busy” activity when a teacher must deal with something urgent and sudden. It might also make a useful model for children to go on and create their own visual puzzles – I used the clipart at PicMonkey to make mine.

If you’re interested in (slightly) educational Christmas-related activities for kids, check out A Sleigh Load of Fun Christmas Ideas for Kids at The Book Chook.


  1. Great print out thank you! Looking forward to trying this with my little one this weekend

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